Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sherin & Cody

A wedding joining two parts of the world...Canada and Trinidad.  ( I would LOVE to do photography there!)  Adventuresome spirits were appreciated as we headed out and did our "Snow' photography!   These were treasures.  There are a few extras put on here to allow those from far away to catch a glimpse of the day.  Enjoy all the adventure the future holds seasoned with that humor of yours Cody!

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kathi dunphy said...

Hi Pam : We thought you did a wonderful job of the wedding pictures! You introduced originality and fun (the snow pics and others) into what can be a predictable and staid production. Having been a wedding photographer in my former life I know the stresses involved in a long day of staying at attention to catch each memorable moment. You did a masterful job of organising, arranging and keeping the attention of a large cast of characters. I remember working two cameras all day and juggling a dozen thoughts at once of the sequence of arrangements and poses, very tiring and demanding work, and you are very good at it !
Kathi (Cody's mom) and Jim