Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sabina & David

These two waited many years for each other and just five weeks before the wedding David was in a car accident. A broken leg and some broken ribs were small compared to what really should have happened.  I was impressed with how Sabina was so flexible as plans for how the wedding day needed to be needed to change.  The rain held off.  We managed to get farm photos without getting a dress too dirty and the leaves were just wonderful.   Before the reception we went to the manor and were entertained by David's Dad with his singing and humour, while taking photos.   David managed to smile in the midst of being more than uncomfortable at times, and for good reason.  He was marrying Sabina!  Enjoy a few photos of this great day.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Pam,

These photos are fabulous! You can see how much fun we had before, during and after the wedding ceremony. Sabina looks beautiful, David looks relaxed and everyone else is having a blast. Thanks for capturing the atmosphere and for helping us to relax and enjoy the day.

Debra Currie